Would you like to feature the products better in your shop by having an original interior? Want the interior of your restaurant resonate with your customers? Or would you like to marvel at your own home every day? Involve De Groene Poort in the entire decoration of your interior.

Start at the renovation, move on to original decoration and interior finishing

We interpret “all-encompassing project” literally. You can count on us to do the flooring, fit the doors, windows, ceilings and renovate the wall decorations or chimneys. Finally, we decorate your interior in an original way by using unique furniture, lighting and decoration. In brief, interior decoration with all the trimmings to suit you to a T!

Interior finishing? Get inspired by our showrooms

You will definitely get many new ideas from the various halls in De Groene Poort in Vichte for your interior decoration. But, of course, every room is different and you have your own personal taste and preferences. That is why we look at each and every interior decoration project individually and join you in thinking of solutions for what you have in mind.

Do you want your interior decoration to stand out?

Then call in the experts at De Groene Poort. Come and see our showroom to discuss your ideas with us.

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