Old oak or pine doors and hutches as pieces of art in the frames

The old oak or pine doors and shutters of De Groene Poort far surpass their mere functional purpose: they are true works or art. You will find thousands of beautiful examples in our showroom in Vichte, in the most vast range of dimensions, styles and finishes. They only have one thing in common: every authentic door radiates pure presence and chicness.

Old oak or pine doors and shutters for both inside and out

You will find old oak or pine doors that will stylishly separate your rooms from one another in our showroom. Give your interior a warm touch. Or choose an everlasting authentic front door to bid your visitors a hearty welcome and beautifully grace your façade.

Authentic doors for your sideboard or display cabinet

The old oak or pine doors for cupboards in our collection draw attention by their extra-beautiful wooden or glass decorations. Do you prefer robustness and austerity? Then, too, you will definitely find an authentic door that will make your heart beat faster.

Have your old oak or pine doors or windows fitted

Have us simultaneously fit your old oak or pine doors and windows. You will save yourself a lot of frustration by doing so. What’s more, you can spend the time that you save by letting us do the work on ... another visit to our showrooms! ;-)

You can rely on us to also vertically fit your Dauby, Amy or Utensil brand windows or doors.

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