About us

Visiting De Groene Poort in Vichte is like entering Ali Baba’s cave. Let our halls or fairy-tale, original furniture and decoration make you marvel. Every time you come, you will discover something new to spruce up your catering business, shop or home.

Your (catering) interior full of authentic, hidden treasures

You will discover the most original furniture and treasures in De Groene Poort: seventeenth-century prison doors, wood from wreckages to incorporate in your catering business, cupboards made from old shutters and hutches, etc. ... all unique pieces to capture your imagination!

Original furniture in your private, shop or catering interior

Have a look in our showroom at our handmade furniture in timeless or lively colours.

From living room to the catering sector: your interior immediately in stock

You will never return home disappointed after you’ve been to De Groene Poort. Because everything that catches your eye, can be fitted in your home or catering interior the very same day. We regularly have new, original furniture in stock: new discoveries, time and again. Where does the stock come from? Solely and only from factories and suppliers whom we personally know and trust.

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